Jiminy Cricket!!

What would I do without the voice forever in the background of my chaos reminding me of realistic outcomes and the joys of God's promises? If you're asking what voice? Isn't that just me talking to myself? It's okay, it takes time to learn to recognize that that's not a fly buzzing in your ear, … Continue reading Jiminy Cricket!!


I Cried.

I cried myself to sleep last night and that's okay. Our society has plagued our minds to think that only the weak cry, only the weak feel anxious and overwhelmed, only the weak feel sadness. This is not true at all. Why do we try to regulate our feelingsĀ to the point where there is no … Continue reading I Cried.


We are so accustomed to always being on the defense and having our guard up. We have protect ourselves right. The problem is that protection is not our responsibility. The Lord is our protector. God is our defender. So why do we always have our guard up? We end up shutting out people who have … Continue reading Defense


When our soul finally awakens, it seems like there are so many areas of improvement you can work on. It can at times be very overwhelming. You faults present themselves like a Christmas dinner laid out right in front of you. I want to encourage you that you are right where you need to be … Continue reading Placement.


May I borrow a cup of sugar? Whenever I think about community I hear that phrase. How many people would actually go to your neighbor and ask them for a cup of sugar these days? How many people actually know all their neighbors and can count on them whenever you need something? I'm sure there … Continue reading Community.