I have been single for about two months now and I find myself missing being in love. How does that even happen? And does that mean I am more infatuated with the idea and the feeling of being in love than the actual person? And what about my love for God? Shouldn't that be enough … Continue reading Infatuation


"Coach I'm tired, take me out the game". How many successful athletes have ever said that? I am sure not many. So are we so quick to say "God, I can't handle it, take this situation I am in away". Just like an athlete, the "game" is not easy. It requires a lot; pain, exhaustion, … Continue reading

For Me.

Everything has been for you. My life surrounded you. My choices were based upon you. I thought that was how life was I thought that was selflessness I thought I was doing things right But I neglected me I lost me I forgot me Now┬áI don't have you And there is no one to replace … Continue reading For Me.