Jiminy Cricket!!

What would I do without the voice forever in the background of my chaos reminding me of realistic outcomes and the joys of God’s promises? If you’re asking what voice? Isn’t that just me talking to myself? It’s okay, it takes time to learn to recognize that that’s not a fly buzzing in your ear, it’s actually the magical Jiminy Cricket. Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio was the voice of reason, a personification of our conscience. “Let your conscience be your guide”, right?  What is our conscience but our spirit man, the Holy Spirit, the voice of Godly wisdom.

I find myself hearing the voice of the Lord in the middle of the chaos of the day. When the enemy tries to distract me and say I am not enough, God reminds me that I am not only more than enough through Him, I am beautifully and wonderfully made. When people try to bring me down and cause drama in my life, God says that battle is not yours but the Lords and we are victorious ALWAYS. People will try to make you believe things that are not true. What did God say? Jesus was confronted with the judgements and opinions of people at all times but His clarity came with His focus on God and His obedience to what God had to say. Do not be swayed or influenced by the opinions of others. When people say you are a disappointment, you are not qualified, your sin is too big, God says the exact opposite and His word stands for all time and is bigger than anything anyone can say to you. Just listen closely and you will hear Him.

It’s easy to get caught up in self. Our hearing is clouded by mounds of earwax and dust and who knows what else. God says seek me and I will find you (Jeremiah 29:13). Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to find God’s voice in the whirlwind inside our heads. We have to remember that almost nothing comes instantly without practice and education. You won’t instantly be able to hear the voice of the Lord  in most situations if you have not cultivated your relationship with Him and sought after Him day by day. I’ve had people ask me how do you know the difference between your voice and God’s voice and the devil. This wisdom comes with studying the word and knowing who God is and His promises. If it doesn’t sound like something God would say, then it is not Him. If it is something that satisfies your fleshly desires and does not uplift God, then it is not Him.

When I feel overwhelmed, I have to make an effort to recognize and listen to God’s voice. He will never leave or forsake you (Deut 31:6) which means He is always available for you. When you have to make a major decision and do not know which way to turn, seek the voice of the Lord. Let your conscience guide you. Let God lead you and do not be swayed by the voices inside of your head that tell you things that are simply not true. God loves you. You are not a disappointment to Him. He is ever so proud of you and excited for the journey ahead. When you stumble, He’s there to pick up like Daddy always does without judgement or persecution but with a love that is bigger than any mistake you can make. He is gentle and kind. He give us peace and rest. He says to us thank you for coming to me in repentance and from this day forward I will no longer remember your sin (Hebrews 8:12). This is our God. This is the still, small voice speaking to us.


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