May I borrow a cup of sugar? Whenever I think about community I hear that phrase. How many people would actually go to your neighbor and ask them for a cup of sugar these days? How many people actually know all their neighbors and can count on them whenever you need something? I’m sure there are a few people who can but for the most part the sense of community in America is dead. The feeling of shared wealth is gone. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. Our world was brought up on community and being one people. How do we get back to that place where we help one another? We are against each other, competitive, beat each other down and have a sense of entitlement. Not to say all of us do this but look at the world around you. Judgment is not ours to give. Everyone likes to say “Only God can judge me” but how many times have you looked at a homeless person begging for money and thought to yourself “They just need to get a job” or “They just want money to buy beer or drugs” or “They’re just lazy”.

Becoming a community again comes with learning to trust one another. It also comes with infinite love for one another. Yes, there are bad people in the world but you can’t categorize everyone as bad first and then try to get to know them. You will never get to know them that way because of a predetermined judgement. We need God and we need each other. I challenge everyone to at least try to meet all their neighbors. Start a conversation. Ask someone for a cup of sugar (even if you don’t need it) to break the ice. Invite someone out to a movie or a cup of coffee. Open you hearts and break down the walls that surround it.

I know personally I am dealing with removing the walls I have built up towards people but I realize that just because I don’t interact with people doesn’t mean I’m not hurting them. I am not showing God’s love. Each one of us needs to take responsibility to restore the world community. We can help heal broken people with a simple conversation or by giving assistance to those in need. Of course, do everything in wisdom and don’t do anything to put your life a risk but it never hurts to build relationships with those who surround you.



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