I watched this documentary called E-Motion and want to share my notes:

  • The body can respond as if it were in the past and lice also in the past. This causes it not to be able to adapt in the present because it is responding to the past. This is a maladaptive stress reaction
  • A stress response can be activated by thought but this response is a survival response like a gazelle responding to imminent danger from a predator. Thoughts provoking negative emotions can cause a stress response as if it were responding to an emergent situation.
  • Emotions can have a negative physical reaction such as increased heart rate, decreased immune system, and decreased flow of energy
  • Emotions are an end product of a past experience and are brought on by a stimulus that requires a response. Sometimes these responses result from traumatic perceptions
  • An emotion is a movement of energy. Every emotion has its own vibrational energy (vibration of moving atoms) and when an emotion is too intense, the energy of it is also too intense and can result in a trapped emotion that becomes stuck in the body. These trapped emotions affect our body and health.
  • We are energy. Our bodies are made up of atoms in motion. Any disease is chaos within our atoms.¬†Chemicals of stress disregulate and down regulate our genes that create disease.
  • Organs produces responses to emotions. For example, anger is tied to the liver and grief, the lungs.
  • Our bodies were not designed wrong. Only the body can heal itself. A doctor can set a broken bone but cannot mend it. At times, our body is simply coping or responding to negative emotions that we have trapped or held on to.
  • The power of the mind and belief produces healing. For example in an experiment when sick people are given a placebo but are healed because they believed that they were getting better. The same goes for those who take a drug and do not heal (nocebo). It’s all in the mind.
  • An emotion can become a mood which can turn into a temperament then a personality trait. To change who you are, you have to understand your underlying emotions.
  • Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.
  • The mind broadcasts energy like an antenna then attracts people and circumstances that give the same experiences. This causes emotional patterns.
  • The key is to co-create with the universe not resist it. Being present and allowing yourself to feel creates possibilities. Emotions should be our allies and used as messengers. We have to listen, respect, honor, and release emotions. Self-care is the future and in order to transform the world, you must transform yourself first. Emotions change our perception and living in positive emotions while releasing trapped negative emotions will open up our eyes to a different world. Life is how you chose to respond. We have to reach a place of abundance, infinite love, and gratitude



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