“Coach I’m tired, take me out the game”. How many successful athletes have ever said that? I am sure not many. So are we so quick to say “God, I can’t handle it, take this situation I am in away”. Just like an athlete, the “game” is not easy. It requires a lot; pain, exhaustion, frustration, anger, etc. The potential result is victory but you can not win if you do not participate. A football player doesn’t run towards the goal with only one person chasing him. It is continuous tackling, one after another. How easy would it be if it was a one on one game of football? How satisfying would the victory be if your opponent was at a disadvantage to begin with? The struggle is a part of overcoming. Yes, it is tough but we press through each and every obstacle. Instead of thinking “Oh God, what more could happen” we ought to think “Bring on the next challenge” knowing that there is greater at the end of it, never loosing sight of the glow at the end of the tunnel. My muscles may grow weak after multiple repetitions but there is something in me that says you can do one more.

This isn’t a way of thinking does not come instantly. Like any good thing, it has to be cultivated and nurtured. It takes an active effort to remember that there is always victory in store for those who love God. The enemy tries to discourage and distract because he knows his fate already, defeat. Guard your heart and your mind. Press towards your victory. Fight the fight. Play your heart out. The greater the challenge the greater the outcome. Just think, if you were not destined for greatness, then the devil would never even make an effort to take you out. We are more than equipped to face any situation if we would believe in the capabilities the God has given us. We discredit ourselves so many times. You do not have o be a giant to win, just need to believe and trust God just as David did.


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