I need you can mean so many different things. It should be a straight forward phrase but people have so many motives attached to the things they say. What does it really mean to need to have someone in your life? What do you really need me for? What do I provide for you? Many times in my life, men have needed me for the material things I could provide. Stability. I’ve heard the term “power couple” so many times but how can you be a power couple if only one of you has the power? I thought that someone needing me meant that I could provide for them but it means so much more. When a man really needs you, he doesn’t need your money, your body, your home, or anything material. He needs you simply because of you. For who you are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. He can provide for himself but he chooses to need you in his life. He doesn’t need you because he wouldn’t know how to survive without you, he needs you to not be his life but to be a positive addition to his life. You don’t find someone who completes you. You should be a whole person already when you meet someone. You find someone who complements you. Two individual people who can say I can do bad by myself but I chose to do it with you.


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